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What We Offer

Synchronous Construction is the premier general contractor in Solon, OH and throughout the southeast suburbs of Cleveland. We consistently delivery high-quality service to our customers throughout remodeling and building projects of all kinds. Our primary specialty is bathroom remodeling, but we have other skillsets too. From kitchens to home additions, we will take your concept and make it happen with minimal hassle.

Our process is end-to-end, including design services (with an additional fee), planning, building, and final touches. We hold ourselves to a high standard as licensed, insured, and bonded general contractors in Solon, OH. Since our founding in 2008, Synchronous Construction has made it our mission to satisfy our customers with the best possible service and craftsmanship.

If you are curious, our full list of services is available below:

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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling requires more work than you might initially think. New countertops, sinks, toilets, showers, and lighting fixtures are all potential installations that are part and parcel of a bathroom renovation. The team at Synchronous Construction has honed skills and knowledge in bathroom remodeling in Solon, OH over the last 15 years, and we like to think that we’ve gotten good at putting our customers desires into practice. Come to us with your hopes, dreams, and wishes, and we will help you put them into a realistic plan for a bathroom remodel based on your budget.

Groutless Panels

Have you ever heard of showers without grout? They’re much easier to clean and maintain than their tiled counterparts. We’re partial to installing groutless panels in showers, around bathtubs, and in any other wall space you might install tile. It only takes us 18 hours to install a shower with groutless panels, and the porcelain looks just as elegant as classic tile (if not more so). Call us at (440) 336-8483 to inquire about our groutless panels for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling

When you plan to get your kitchen remodeled, think about what you’d like to change and what you’d like to keep the same. Would you like new custom countertops? Maybe your cabinets are old and deteriorating, but your fridge is still functioning perfectly well. We work with you to make changes that are necessary and desired as top-notch general contractors in Solon, OH.

Decks & Patios

Is your deck getting on in years? Or have you always wanted a patio but never got around to converting that yellowing patch of grass? We’ve got you covered with deck and patio remodels in Solon, OH and the nearby suburbs of Cleveland. Our team also has experience installing concrete, asphalt, and pavers, so we have the ability to completely transform your outdoor space. Reach out at (440) 336-8483 for more information about our deck and patio services, including ramp and railing installations to accommodate ADA requirements.

Home Additions

If you’ve been feeling like your home is not complete or you need more space, talk to a member of the Synchronous Construction team about home additions. We provide garage additions, as well as standard home additions, detached additional dwelling units (DADUs), and more. Each home addition is customized to the customer who hires us as a general contractor in Solon, OH, so you have nearly endless options. Just decide which rooms you’d like to add, and we’ll help with the rest!

Roofing & Siding

At Synchronous Construction, we’re here to make your home look beautiful, inside and out. We also want you to live safely inside your home in Solon, OH. As a general contractor, we can replace or repair your roofing and siding, as well as install or replace gutters. A damaged roof can be a major safety hazard, and old or decayed siding is an eyesore. We can source materials and offer roofing and siding services to make sure your home is livable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial Services in Solon, OH

We also serve businesses in the Solon area! Our commercial property expertise ranges from educational facilities to retail spaces to apartment complexes. If you are a small business or commercial property owner looking for a general contractor in Solon, OH, with specialized commercial expertise, look no further than Synchronous Construction. We provide estimates for any number of commercial construction projects, from additions to interior remodeling, when you call us at (440) 336-8483.
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