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Imagine Your Dream Kitchen Renovation

What does your dream kitchen look like? Is it a traditional but still modern kitchen with white cabinets, a gray mosaic backsplash, and granite countertops? Or are you looking for something country contemporary with brass gold fixtures and a farm sink? The team at Synchronous Construction is here to assist with kitchen remodeling in Independence or the surrounding Ohio cities. We specialize in custom projects, so we work directly with you to build a kitchen that fits your needs and budget. Your kitchen will look absolutely one of a kind after we are done with the renovation.

We have 15 years of experience in the business in the southeast suburbs of Cleveland, and in that time, we have worked on numerous successful kitchen remodels. We understand that you put your trust in us when you hire us for a large project, and we take this very seriously, as we aim to maintain transparency about timing, deadlines, and cost. Call us at (440) 336-8483 to speak to an experienced professional and schedule your estimate for a kitchen remodel in Independence, OH or other nearby suburbs of Cleveland!

How to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel requires some thought and planning up front to ensure that the results match your expectations. Here are some preliminary questions you should ask yourself before you contact Synchronous Construction for an estimate. We are also happy to walk you through your aspirations and help you figure out what makes the most sense for your kitchen.

Why are you renovating your kitchen?

Are you planning to sell your home soon? Or are you planning a renovation for your own benefit? Understanding your intentions and exactly why you would like to go through the process of kitchen remodeling in Independence, OH or nearby will help the team at Synchronous Construction plan your new design.

What is your budget?

A budget will determine what you are actually able to do as part of your kitchen renovation in Independence or other suburbs southeast of Cleveland. You should have a preliminary understanding of what you are willing and able to pay.

The first step of our process at Synchronous Construction is to provide a remodel cost estimate, which is free for residential customers. This will help you make adjustments to your planned budget and determine exactly what you can afford.We also provide financing options if you would prefer to pay in installments for your kitchen renovation.

Do you plan on changing the layout of your kitchen?

You may want to add new elements to your kitchen layout, like islands, extra countertop space, or larger appliances. This may not be important to you, but for many customers who embark on a kitchen renovation, some layout changes are desirable or necessary. You may also consider electrical or plumbing features in new locations, especially if you are replacing appliances or lighting fixtures.

Do you plan on keeping anything as is?

As important as it is to understand what you plan to change, it is equally critical to know what you’d like to keep the same. Perhaps you’re happy with the layout, the countertops, or the appliances.

If you’re open to keeping the same cabinets and simply refinishing or repainting, this can be a major cost reduction for your renovation. We are happy to work with any existing parts of your kitchen that may be preserved or refreshed as part of the remodel.

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When you are ready to embark on your journey toward kitchen remodeling in Independence, OH or the surrounding areas, give Synchronous Construction a call at (440) 336-8483. We provide free cost estimates for our residential customers. We will be thrilled to work with you on your dream kitchen renovation and promise a high level of excellence in our craftsmanship and service.

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