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Planning for an Ohio Home Addition

Synchronous Construction is your go-to source for home additions, whether they be single-room additions, garage additions, or large-scale home additions in Independence, OH or other nearby southeast suburbs of Cleveland. We execute the whole process for you, from planning through execution. With 15 years in the building industry, we are trusted local contractors with expertise in an array of services relevant to adding new spaces to your home.

Types of Additions

A home addition could include any of the following types of construction jobs:

The Home Addition Construction Process

Home additions are treated as new construction and must undergo an involved process as such. Let’s break down these procedures to make it a little more approachable, so you can get started on planning your home addition in Independence or your nearby city.

Planning & Permits

Every home addition in Independence, OH must start with a plan. Certain structural and mechanical elements must be developed prior to submission for permits. Plus, it is only with a developed set of drawings that a proper estimate can be completed and true costs established. The Synchronous Construction team will work with you on the permitting and design process prior to construction. This phase is not included in the construction fee and costs depend on the scope of the work.

Work Site Preparation

The second phase begins with preparing the work site for the structural addition. Depending on the plans and specifications, this may include digging a foundational pad, basement footer, or crawl space footer. Concrete block is typically placed upon the footer structure to build a foundation for the white box, which is the term for interior and exterior structural components.

The Build & Interior Finishes

Once the work site is prepared, the white box is built. This white box may include the rough in of electrical & plumbing, interior primed drywall, windows, doors, flooring, siding, and roofing. It is essentially the shell of your new home addition in Independence or your nearby neighborhood.

Once this shell is complete, you will choose the interior finishes, and we will source the materials and install everything as determined by the contract.This cost is driven by the finish materials, fixtures, cabinetry, and trim packages you choose.

Once the home addition is complete, you are set to enjoy your new space! Whether you plan to rent it out, move in a family member, sell your home, or simply enjoy a larger house, we are happy to help you achieve your goals. Call us at (440) 336-8483 today to schedule an estimate and kick off the home addition process in Independence or other southeast suburbs of Cleveland, OH!


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