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Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

The good thing about most bathrooms is that they don’t take a lot of money to renovate. Perhaps with the help of a contractor, you can turn your bathroom into a showcase without breaking the bank. Here are some budget-friendly bathroom upgrades.

Add Wallpaper

Back in the day, the thought of hanging wallpaper in a bathroom was a bit shocking. Wouldn’t the heat and humidity of a bathroom cause wallpaper to blister or even peel off the walls? Now, there’s wallpaper that is specifically made to be hung in the bathroom, and it’s as beautifully colored and patterned as wallpaper hung anywhere else in the house.

Add Color and Texture

Painting the bathroom walls and ceiling is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade its looks. You can also add new window treatments, an eye-catching shower curtain, sets of colorful fluffy towels, or even a brand-new bath mat that’s not made out of a traditional fabric. Consider a beautiful bath mat made of an exotic material like diatomaceous earth.

Hang a Mirror

A simple mirror hung on the bathroom wall can make an amazing amount of difference in the look of the space. Mirrors take light in and bounce it around the room, making everything look airier and brighter. This works especially well if you hang a mirror opposite a window.

Add Unexpected Furnishings

There’s no rule that says a small table you found at a flea market doesn’t belong in your bathroom. Such an unexpected piece of furniture could not only add storage space but also bring its own aesthetic qualities. It might even be a good spot for an elegant vessel sink. Coat wooden surfaces with polyurethane to protect them from heat and moisture.

Replace Boring Light Fixtures

Are you a bit tired of the Hollywood lights around your medicine chest mirror? Is the milk glass bell that covers your ceiling light uninspiring? Swap them out for something fresh and exciting. Choose wall sconces beside your medicine chest mirror, and don’t forget to consider a small crystal chandelier in your bathroom. Glass and crystal fixtures, like bathroom mirrors, bounce light around the room beautifully.

Change Your Vanity Top

Many bathrooms have vanity tops that look just like the countertops in the kitchen. Indeed, they might even be the material that was left over when the kitchen countertops were installed. There’s no law that says kitchen counters and vanity tops need to match, especially if the vanity top is getting long in the tooth. If you long for something luxurious such as marble for your vanity, one good tip is to try to find a remnant.

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Renovating your bathroom on a budget is not only doable but fun. If you need more information on bathroom remodeling in Independence, OH, give us a call at Synchronous Construction.

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