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Safety First: How to Ensure Your Outdoor Space is Fully Secure

Spring has arrived, and it’s time to use the deck. Bring out the patio furniture. Set up the lights and adorn the deck with patio décor. But before you do, be sure that everything is safe and secure. Though rare, accidents do happen. Decks can, and sometimes do, collapse, but you can prevent that with basic preventive maintenance.

Keeping Your Outdoor Deck Safe

The deck needs to remain fully intact, exactly as it was the day it was first installed. However, bugs, mold, weather, and other outdoor elements cause damage to the wood, which moves planks out of place. Regular inspections every five years help to prevent damage, but annual maintenance is also essential to keeping you and your family safe outdoors. Follow this simple guide to ensure your outdoor haven is nice and secure.

Spray for Bugs

Ants, termites, and beetle larvae cause a lot of damage to wood. That damage can lead to broken or loose planks. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to collapse.

Remove and Replace Damaged Wood

Moldy, bug-infested, or rot-damaged wood boards easily become loose. Once they’ve loosened up, they become safety hazards. Regularly inspect the deck for damaged wood boards and immediately replace any that you find.

Ensure the Steps and Railings Remain in Place

When you’re checking for broken wood boards, also check the railing and the steps. When wood boards come loose, so do the nuts and bolts holding up the railing. Unstable railings and broken steps dramatically increase the likelihood of falling.

Plan to Stain the Wood Every Few Years

Staining gives you the perfect opportunity to coat the wood boards with insecticide. This will help to protect from insect infestations. It’s also important to protect the wood from damage caused by inclement weather, including mold and mildew.

Maintain Security Lights

Lights help to beautify your outdoor space, but they’re also important to prevent anyone from falling on a loose or cracked wooden board. Schedule time for basic maintenance every year. Check for cracks, replace bulbs, remove anything that is blocking the lights. Gently wipe off dirt and grime buildup to ensure the lights can fully illuminate your outdoor space.

Trim Overgrown Hedges

Overgrown hedges can block security lights and pathways, making it hard to see at night and hard to know where to walk. Trim around shrubs to ensure clear pathways and to create a safer outdoor space.

Beautify Your Space

Once you’re sure everything is safe, you’re ready to decorate. Be sure to keep furniture at least two feet away from the grill. Then, hang anything that could be easily knocked over by the weather. Finally, check that there is plenty of room to walk around.

Few things impress like a beautiful outdoor deck or patio. If you’re ready to remodel your deck or patio, call Synchronous Construction in Independence, OH, and schedule an appointment with us today.

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