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decorating railing porch on the eve of the holiday.

Tips for Decorating the Deck This Holiday Season

Your deck is an extension of your house, and for many people, it’s an outdoor living room. This makes it perfect for holiday decorations that you and your neighbors can enjoy. The deck offers a plethora of places to put lights and other décor. The railings, hanging plants, patio furniture, and even an unused outdoor firepit are just some of the spots where you can add decorations this holiday season.

Whether you want to add a lot of festive pizazz, simple and solemn décor, or anything in-between to your deck for the holidays, you’ll want to follow these tips.

Set the Mood With the Lights

The meaning of the holidays is unique to everyone. Make a statement, starting with the lights. Blue lights are somber. Red and green lights are traditional and festive. White lights are bright and cheery. Once you have the right lights, build from there.

Think Vertically

Wrap lights and garlands around hanging plants and lanterns. If you have a lamppost, wrap a garland around the pole, and add a red bow at the top. Don’t forget about the siding and patio doors. These are great places for a wreath, a sign, or some other décor.

Use the Railings

The railings are perfect for lights, garlands, wreaths, and bows. Wrap lights and drape garland around the top of the railing. Then wrap garland around the balusters. Once you’re done with that, put a wreath or a big red bow on each one of the posts.

Decorate the Steps

For the steps, add cute figurines. Gnomes, pumpkins, snowmen, or cute little Nutcracker mice are just a few of the ideas that would be perfect for the steps leading up to the deck.

Make Use of Outdoor Furniture

While you might not be getting much use out of your patio furniture, your holiday décor can. Who can you place on the furniture? Mr. and Mrs. Claus, gnomes, a gingerbread family, the Nutcracker prince, and Clara, just to name a few, would look great on display in your backyard.

Use Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add just the right amount of sparkle during a season when it seems everything is lit up. Wrap them around pieces of wood before putting the wood in a dry firepit to resemble a fireplace. Another good place for fairy lights? Wrap them around a lantern to add just a little bit of extra light to what’s inside.

Get All Decked Out for the Holidays

If your deck or patio needs renovations before the holidays, call or visit one of our contractors today at Synchronous Construction in Independence, OH. We’re here and happy to help you get your deck ready for the holidays.

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