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Updating Your Kitchen Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem

Remodeling or updating a kitchen can be a terrific way to add value to your home and make life easier. With the right planning and help, your kitchen remodel can be done quickly and smoothly. The key is to work efficiently in the current space and schedule the process carefully.

Water, Gas, and Electricity

Kitchens are workspaces first. If you’re swapping out the sink, you’re going to need to turn off the water, at least for a time. If you’re putting in a new gas stove, you’re going to have to turn off the gas, and you may have to run a new gas line. In every case, planning for the shortest shutdown is key.


Everyone is worried about grocery prices. If part of your kitchen remodeling goal is to add a pantry, there are many options out there. A roll-out or slide-out pantry can offer a great deal of storage in a very small footprint.

If your kitchen is small, a rolling island may also be a wise choice. You’ll need to make sure you have the room for storing it out of the way and that access to and from that location is simple. A fully loaded rolling island can increase your kitchen tool storage and even give you more room for foodstuffs.

Extra Workspaces

If your kitchen is too big a space to be efficient, adding a butler’s pantry or a scullery to the room may be worthwhile. This will mean adding a wall or dividing panel and may include a sink, so running extra water lines will be involved.

Once you’re considering adding a wall and another sink, you’ll need permits and a contractor. While there are many tasks that you can do yourself if you’ve got the DIY bug, inspections and the guidance of a contractor will keep your home and family safer in the long run.

Other Options

You can also take other steps to expand your kitchen workspace. You might choose to add an outdoor kitchen to your home. You could use it during at least three seasons. If your kitchen is currently workable but your backyard is bare, an outdoor kitchen may be the wisest choice.

You may also need to add on a room and move your kitchen into it. These types of remodels can be incredibly beneficial, but they’re going to be pretty disruptive. Booking your remodel with a contractor outside your busiest time of the year is likely a wise choice. For example, if you love to grill, set up your outdoor cooking space far from the construction site and ignore the build until you can move into it.

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