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Tips for Maintaining Your Bathroom

The bathroom is sometimes overlooked, but it plays such an important role in the home. To make sure all of your bathroom’s features can be fully utilized and stay clean, you’ll want to keep up with maintenance. If you do a few little tasks regularly, the job will be fairly easy to accomplish.

Keep Everything Dry

Of course, your sink and shower will inevitably get wet, but try to keep things dry as much as possible. This allows you to prevent the development of mold and mildew, and it can protect various bathroom elements from water damage. After you’re done cleaning yourself up, wipe down the sink. If any excess condensation builds up on your toilet, wipe that away, too. A vent fan can play a vital job as well. Turn it on before you take a shower and leave it on for about twenty minutes after you’re finished. This can take some of the steam away from the room, which otherwise could collect on the ceiling and walls, leading to long-term problems.

Keep the Toilet Looking Like New

Toilet cleaning is an essential task. To make it easier, have the right tools, and keep them stored in a convenient place, such as under the sink or in a closet. Also, think about getting tablets that help you clean your tank with every flush. To prevent problems with your pipes, remember that only waste and toilet paper should go down the drain. It’s a good idea to throw any other items in the trash can, even if they may be labeled as flushable.

Keep Your Fixtures Clean

You probably touch your faucet’s handles dozens of times each week. Keep in mind that your hands are likely dirty when you turn your sink on, so germs can accumulate on these handles. If you can, consider swapping out your standard faucet for one with a touchless fixture. Otherwise, sanitize your faucet’s handles regularly.

Protect Your Shower

A lot of dirt, grime, and hair can get in a shower drain. To keep this from happening, invest in a simple strainer. It goes over the drain and catches hair and other items, preventing them from clogging your pipes. Regularly cleaning your shower, at least every few days, can prevent mold and mildew growth. Spraying the shower with cleaner after you’ve finished and using a squeegee to remove water from walls and doors can prove helpful.

Break Up the Job Into Small Tasks

If you don’t take care of your bathroom, problems are more likely to arise. The good news is that bathroom maintenance doesn’t need to take too much effort, especially if you turn the job into smaller tasks that are simple to accomplish on their own. If you need assistance with any bathroom remodeling or repair in Independence, OH, call Synchronous Construction.

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